Scroll of Remembrance

The Story of the Scroll

In the front foyer of Bayridge Alliance Church, a scroll has been hung to remind us of the journey we took as a church family when moving from the Hudson Drive location to the present location on Gardiners Road.

We have had so much to be thankful to God for in our move to 825 Gardiners Road, let us remember his generosity to us by witnessing his hand at work in:

1. The group of women who prayed for 18 months for God to provide.

2. The unexpected gift of ten thousand dollars for the Building Fund.

3. Unity of the Elders Board.

4. Unity of the Phase 4 Relocation Committee.

5. Congregation feedback overwhelmingly in favour: (a) after several open houses, (b) to proceed with the in-depth financial analysis, (c) to proceed to the pledge process and, (d) to relocate to 825 Gardiners Road.

6. Gifted leaders with financial and administration expertise to conduct the analysis.

7. Leaders who sacrificially pledged and gave.

8. The vendor being willing to hold a mortgage.

9. Superintendent Douglas Wiebe was unexpectedly here and able to view the building.

10. The District support in arranging loans from other churches.

11. The District Superintendent believing in faith this move was for us.

12. The approval of the District Executive Committee – in faith.

13. The favourable response of many district churches who heard the presentation about 825 Gardiners Road.

14. A great lawyer who went above and beyond the call of duty for us.

15. The generosity of our lawyer who charged us a fraction of the standard fee.

16. The financial response of people (a) in cash gifts, (b) in pledges and (c) in loans.

17. The City of Kingston affirming tax-free zoning for our church.

18. Overwhelming support of the community.

19. Strong support and prayer from many christian leaders.

20. Bridge financing arranged with two potential lenders.

21. Many prayer times expressing our belief in God’s authority to perform miracles.

22. Withdrawal of the offer by large hotel chain.

23. Prayer walking at 825 Gardiners Road revealing evidence of God’s hand.

24. A substantial cheque is received at just the right time to show the willingness of people to stand behind the decision to move.

25. Donations of furniture from government agencies.

26. Donations of furniture by church people.

27. Donations of equipment by church people.

28. Donation of moving truck and a mover for 12 hours.

29. Vendor willing to hold promisory note while bridge financing delays were being worked out.

30. Strong support of people helping during the move.

31. The sending of the bridge financing documents to the wrong location (even after telling them where to send it) giving additional time for…

32. …the sale of 954 Hudson Drive…

33. …making expensive bridge financing unnecessary.