About Us


The mission of BAC is to be a faithful Christian community committed to making disciples of Jesus.


Our desire is to be a transformational community of faith that is:

  • Overflowing in prayer and worship to the Father,
  • Growing stronger together in Word and Spirit, and
  • Reaching out with Christ’s love.

Our Core Values

Because the kingdom of God is fundamentally relational in character, we embrace the following values:

  • Unconditional love for one another is the best expression of Christ-likeness, and goes far toward healing relational wounds,
  • Relationships of openness and honesty allow us to drop our masks and live in personal freedom, acceptance by others, and the joy of the Lord,
  • Ready forgiveness is characteristic of those who know that they are recipients of God’s incredible mercy, grace and love, and so, are quick to extend the same to others,
  • Declaring and demonstrating genuine care and commitment to others is the best way of following the example of Jesus,
  • Truth should be presented with compassion and loving kindness, and

We value unity of effort within diversity of ideas.

Our Distinctives

The following characteristics distinguish BAC:

  • BAC is a church that practices community because “doing life together” beyond the Sunday corporate gathering is critical to our faith,
  • BAC is a church that emphasizes our role in helping families to pass the baton of faith from generation to generation,
  • BAC is a church that strives to bring the message of God’s healing power to those in need both inside and outside of our church body, and
  • BAC is a church that extends Christ’s love to the Kingston area and beyond to meet each person’s need to be loved, belong, and be significant.