Something New (for me anyway)

Well I have decided it is time to try this whole blogging thing out for myself.  Believe it or not I’ve considered doing this for a long time and even had friends encourage me to give it a try but it has never happened until now (which probably means that blogging will soon be replaced with something else very soon).  So I’m going to try and let you into my world as follower of Christ, pastor, dad, sports fan and whatever other hat I may choose to wear as I sit down to write.  I suspect that most of the readers of this blog will be from my church family, some friends and a few who simply stumble upon it.  So welcome and stay tuned for something a bit more exciting than this simple introduction post.

Since this is such a short post let me share a video favourite to make you laugh and probably make you annoyed with me for a while.  Enjoy!


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