New to BAC?

Our in-person sunday service is at 10:15 AM.
If you would like to join our live-stream sunday service visit our You Tube Channel.


We would like you to feel right at home when you join us for any of the activities at Bayridge, so here are some things you can expect when you step through the door:

First of all, you should know that we call ourselves ‘BAC’. It stands for Bayridge Alliance Church.

Learn more about the Alliance church in Canada here.

Second, don’t be surprised if friendly faces seek you out before, during, or after the service – BAC is a relational community and we want you to feel welcomed.

Are there children’s programs? A Nursery?

You bet! And information on each of these can be found by clicking on the links below. Rest assured, our creative, loving and fun volunteers have clear CPICs and have also received training with Bayridge’s Protection Plan.

Nursery Care
Jr KIDS Church
KIDS Church

What to expect on Sunday morning…

The people who make up BAC are on a journey – just like you. Sure, some will have been part of the local church for many years, while others will just be checking out BAC for the first time. You’ll find most people dressed in a relaxed style, while others more formally… we know that God is more concerned about seeing you looking for Him than in what you wear!

From the moment you walk in the door, we want you to feel welcomed. In fact, we have people committed to your comfort who will greet you as you arrive, and they will show you where you can hang your coat, find a seat, or answer any immediate questions you might have.

Once the service gets started you will notice that the focus is on expressing our gratitude to God and His Son, Jesus, for all that He has done for us. This takes on different forms: singing, prayer, hearing our speaker provide instruction about God and His ways. You’ll find that the BAC worship band usually leans toward a very contemporary music styling, offering everyone the freedom to participate to the extent they feel comfortable.

An important part of our worship is an opportunity for regular attenders of BAC to voluntarily give back to God when it’s time to collect our offerings. BAC then uses these financial gifts to provide the staffing and many programs that we offer both locally and around the world. We make sure that people understand that this is a special time intended for the folks who consider BAC their church home.

When the service draws to a close after about 75 minutes, feel free to leave at your leisure. Better yet, why not hang around, grab a coffee and get to know us a little better? We usually have a lobby full of people chatting up a storm for at least a while after the service…we’d love to meet you personally!

How to get here

Our church building is found at 825 Gardiners Road, just south of the Cataraqui Town Centre and Princess Street. There is a Google map on our contact page.

Do I have to pay?

The offering is for people who call BAC their home. If you are visiting with us and checking BAC out, please don’t feel obligated to put anything into the offering plate.

If you would like to give and want a tax–receipt, please use one of the offering envelopes that are usually in the pocket on the back of the seat or ask for one from an usher. If you fill out your name and address, Bayridge will send you a receipt for tax purposes at the end of the year.

Getting Connected

We humans are wired to live in community – to be accepted and belong to a group of like-minded individuals. Despite the pace of our lives, our city is full of lonely people who don’t know if or where they belong. At BAC, we have plenty of opportunities for people to get connected in areas of interest or need. Check out the Connections ministries page for details and contact info.