SHIFT Parenting Seminar

Bayridge Alliance Church, through our Family Ministries program, offers parents an opportunity to engage in a monthly seminar that seeks to provide Biblical answers to life’s tough questions.

Both topical and age-relative discussion relating to raising children with a genuine love for, and demonstration of, Christ-like character within the home and in the community are the focus of this seminar.

Our next seminar will be Sunday, April 3rd at 12:30 PM, after The Family eXperience.

A complimentary lunch is provided for parents and children attending.

There is no fee, but please call the office to register or register here in order to help us prepare for an accurate count.

Additional Info:

April is Milestone 4 & 5 for parents of children in Grades 8 – 11. Untitled.

May is Milestone 6 for parents of children in Grade 12, “Preparing for life
outside the Family home”.