On Sunday morning…

Our in-person sunday service is at 10:15 AM.
If you would like to join our live-stream sunday service visit our You Tube Channel.


What usually happens on any given Sunday at BAC?

Bayridge is a very relational church. We like hanging out with each other and we would love for you to join with us! Our Sunday morning time together can include singing, prayer, scripture reading, and a message containing Bible truths for today’s world. The music is a mix of contemporary and traditional songs and tunes, backed up with a live band. Everyone is together in the sanctuary for the first bit of the service and then the kids (SK – Grade 5) get to peel off to go to their own service, which we call ‘KIDS’ (Kids in Divine Service) Church (see below).

KIDS Church, Sr. Kindergarten to Grade 5

“K.I.D.S.” stands for Kids in Divine Service. Children’s Ministries at Bayridge is more than just keeping our kids busy. We are dedicated to helping kids today find their place in God’s kingdom.

Teams of caring adults and teens lead this group in fun activities and crazy games that all relate to the Bible truth of the day. It is a goal at KIDS Church to present God’s Word, the Bible, in a way that is fun and meaningful to kids. KIDS Church is held during service.

Nursery, Infants to Jr. Kindergarten

BAC’s nursery workers are nurturing and loving adult and teen volunteers who love babies! Our nursery workers will come and get you from the service if your little one needs your attention.

There is more information on the Family Ministries page about all of these programs.